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All You Need Is Love-Love is all you need!

As we begin the "love" month, let us turn our thoughts and actions to showing God's love to everyone around us-our family, our neighbors, and even the stranger. Below are some great ideas and resources to help you show and share God's love with others.


  • It is another family night, this time with the theme of Valentine's Day. Set aside a night to spend with the ones you love the most!

  • Every day, from now until Valentine's Day, place a heart on the door of your loved one, telling them of all the reasons why you love them and they are special. This door decoration could be something that they keep for a long time as a way to remember your love for them, as well as God's love for them!

  • Here are some other ideas of ways to celebrate your love for your family!


  • You will be receiving in the mail this week a Valentine's Card Kit. In it, you will find cards, decorations and instructions on who to send a homemade card. Please make sure that you take the time to send a card to your designated person from our church. This will mean the world to them.

  • Chalk a neighbors driveway. In this time of a pandemic, messages of hope and love have been spread by many using driveways. Find a neighbor who needs to know you care and let your creative juices begin to flow!


  • There are a number of nonprofit organizations that help those in need. Find your local shelter or food pantry and donate items or money to help others during this difficult time. Some local organizations that could use your help are the Samaritan House, located at Trinity United Methodist Church on Augusta Road, United Ministries, and Jasmine Road.

  • How many times have you been in your car and come upon someone standing at the stoplight who needs help? In moments like this, it is good to have something handythat to give to them. Create snack bags for those in need and keep them in your car for these moments when you have the perfect opportunity to show God's love and compassion to others.

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