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Christine's Corner-Connecting With Our Families This Holiday Season

Because 2020 has been, well, one for the books, there have been many things that we have learned, experienced, and maybe even wanted to get rid of. But there is one thing for sure- this has been a year of the family-slowing down, spending quality time with the ones we love, getting to really know the people we live with. As this year is winding down (thank goodness!!!) here are a few more ways for us to connect with our loved ones:

Ask better questions: This is the time to have good, meaningful conversations with your children and youth. This article is a great starting point to help you have those conversations.

Talking about things we have learned: In this article, the author tells about the 20 things that she has learned in 2020. Let this be a catalyst for you to think and discuss with your family all the things you have learned.

Another Family Fun Night: like the one from November, here is a fun-filled night that you can spend with your family!

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