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Christine's Corner: Connection-We all need it!

After a year of not being able to gather with people, hug our loved ones, and see each other face to face, it is crucial, now more than ever, for us to find ways to connect with one another. And what better time for us to do this than around Valentine's Day.

In the next few weeks, our children and youth and their families will receive a packet in the mail filled with cards and items to decorate them. Along with these cards will be a few names and addresses of people in our congregation who would love a Valentine's Day card from the people they love. I encourage you to make these cards, along with any others you want to make, and send them before Valentine's Day.

Also, the doctors, nurses, and first responders have been working tirelessly to take care of so many during this pandemic. What better way to show how much we appreciate them by sending them a note of love and thanks. You can mail them to your local hospital or drop them off at the front desk for them to be distributed out.

Over the next months, you will have the opportunity to stay connected to our church family in many ways. Be looking for these opportunities and take advantage of them as we continue to spread God's love and compassion in this world.

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