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Christine's Corner: Holy Whispering

We are now back in person worshipping on Sundays (YAY!!!!). And because we do not have childcare at this moment during worship, our younger worshippers are joining us during this time. We are so excited that they are with us and welcome them as a part of the congregation.

As our children are learning to navigate this time in the sanctuary, it is important that we has parents, grandparents, and church members encourage them in taking part in every aspect of the service. In order for them to do this, they may have to ask questions throughout our time together. In a blog post, Carolyn Brown talks about the need for whispering in church and how this can be holy moments. Our

children are always watching and following our lead when it comes to how they should worship. So give them those quiet moments of engaging in the worship service. Who knows? You might learn something from them as well!

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