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Christine's Corner: Not Your Typical Christmas

This holiday season has not and probably will not look like it has in the past.Some of us may not gather with our families and friends like we have in previous years. Others of us have missed out on holiday traditions, such as Christmas concerts and recitals. But the one thing that remains the same throughout this season is why we celebrate it in the first place-a little baby born in manager, who came to show us how to love one another.

As we walk through this season, we need to be reminded of the things that our families need the most this Christmas. We also need help preparing our families for a Christmas unlike any other. Below you will find two articles found on the ParentCue blogpost about these very issues. I hope you find them helpful. And I hope that even in this year of disappointments, that you will find hope, peace, joy and love with your families and loved ones.

The Only Thing Your Kids Need For Christmas by Leah Jennings

5 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Fewer Gifts This Christmas

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