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Christine's Corner: Practicing Resurrection: It’s More Than a Day

When the women went to the tomb to find Jesus, the angel had a message for them: “He is not here…he has risen.” The truth and the miracle of resurrection is that it is not a day or a singular event. It’s a season. We practice and understand resurrection as the old becomes new, as death becomes life. Though we will celebrate the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection this year on April 17, we can practice the truth of resurrection always. The days between Easter and Pentecost are a season for celebrating this truth of resurrection. Here are three resurrection practices to get you thinking. I encourage you to give one a try in this season between Easter and Pentecost.

Composting — When we compost, we turn our smelly, discarded waste into fertile soil where good and green things grow. What does it mean to compost the things we wish had gone differently rather than throw them away? Try composting this season.

Notice Beauty Through Your Camera Lens — Is the light streaming in a particular window in a particular way? Is there a bird sitting quietly on a branch? Did someone make you smile? Try and snap a photo and give thanks to God for the moment. There is beauty all around.

Notice Moments of Quiet and Darkness —Author Barbara Brown Taylor points out that resurrection happened quietly, and in the dark. It didn’t happen all at once. Slowly. Quietly. This is resurrection. If you’re in a process of transformation right now, take comfort in the fact that it will unfold as it needs to, bit by bit.

Happy Easter and season of resurrection, my friends!

(from Traci Smith's Treasure Box Tuesdays)

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