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Christine's Corner: Race-The Conversations We Need To Have

There are many conversations that we as parents need to have, but many times we shy away from because they are hard and uncomfortable. One of those conversations could be on the issue of race. In her book Raising White Kids, Jennifer Harvey talks about the importance of having this conversation early and often, not focusing on the idea of color blindness, but talking about race in an honest and true way. This book is a great one to read if you are looking for practical ways to talk with your children about issues of race and racial injustice, beginning as young as your preschooler.

Another article that we should read as parents of white children is one written by Leah Jennings and posted on the ParentCue blog site-The Conversation I Wish Every White Parent Had With Their Kids. In this article, Jennings poses great conversation starters, as well as what to look for in your own biases. There are other links to articles about racism and inequality that would be a good read as well.

In a previous article, I posted some Instagram accounts and books that would be good ones to follow and read as you begin and continue the conversation with your children. Here is the list and links to them so that you can add them to your list of resources.

Read Like A Rockstar

Sincerely Lettie

Check Your Privilege

Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria


Just Mercy

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