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Christine's Corner: Reflection and Introspection

I have found that the time between Christmas and the New Year is a wonderful opportunity for me to reflect on what has past and look forward to what is ahead. There are some wonderful exercises that help with this, allowing for reflection and introspection as we look towards 2021. Traci Smith gives some great examples of how to do this:

  • A vision board —If you’re new to a vision board, HERE is a good primer. HERE is a link that has some free printables you can use and HERE is a final link for inspiration. (That final link is obnoxious with all of the pop-ups and ads, but it has different types of boards and there isn't another link just like it.)

  • Letting Go and Receiving exercise — THIS one is very easy. Trace your hands and write out, on one hand, what you’d like to let go of in the coming year, and on the other hand what you’d like to receive.

  • End of the year Reflection and Year to Come Reflection: THIS one references 2018 and 2019, but the questions are very good and would mostly apply to this past year (perhaps with the exception of “places you visited.”) HERE is another one. THIS one is very “spreadsheet-y” , but there is a lot of good stuff.

One thing that I like to do each year is to find a word that I want to focus on for the next year and allow that word to drive what I choose to say yes to, what I post on social media, and the decisions I make every day. Make a list of words that you would like to use for the next year and sit with them for a few days, allowing yourself to find the word that will suit you best for 2021.

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