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Curations: Forever and Now

Like the fictional President Bartlet from the show The West Wing (best show ever!) I often find myself thinking about "What's next?"

I want to know what is coming up that I need to be aware of or prepared for, and think about what I need to be working on next (sometimes even before I'm done working on whatever I'm currently working on!).

I'm trying to do a better job of being more present and focused in the moment, and this poem from Emily Dickinson is a good reminder for me - a reminder that (in the words of another writer, Annie Dillard) "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."

Or, in Dickinson's words, "Forever -- is composed of Nows --"

Daguerreotype of the poet, Emily Dickinson

Every small moment is happening now, and all of those moments add up to an eternity. What we might think of as "forever" and in the future is actually occurring right where we are - a culmination of this moment...and this moment...and this moment...and this moment...and...

How could you be more present and centered and aware of this very moment? And if you can be, how might you be more aware of how the eternal God is present here and now?


"Forever -- is composed of Nows" by Emily Dickinson

Forever – is composed of Nows – ‘Tis not a different time – Except for Infiniteness – And Latitude of Home – From this – experienced Here – Remove the Dates – to These – Let Months dissolve in further Months – And Years – exhale in Years – Without Debate – or Pause – Or Celebrated Days – No different Our Years would be From Anno Dominies –

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