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Curations: In Any Event

"Shine on you crazy diamond!"

I heard and saw this phrase many times during my college career, as the sorority Alpha Delta Pi (whose symbol is a diamond) appropriated these Pink Floyd lyrics.

Just last week, I came across the poem below on The SALT Project's blog. I'd never heard of the poet but I immediately loved the poem, and especially the opening lines - If we are fractured / we are fractured / like stars / bred to shine...

I appreciate the honest hope the poem expresses - that if we are fractured and broken, it is held alongside the brilliance of the light that exists within us; and even though we are made from dust, God has made galaxies and us from that same dust.

So let's not lament the brokenness and shortcomings of our humanity, but rather praise the possibilities of what could - and, by God's grace - will be.


A star-forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud

"In Any Event" by Dorianne Laux

If we are fractured we are fractured like stars bred to shine in every direction, through any dimension, billions of years since and hence.

I shall not lament the human, not yet. There is something more to come, our hearts a gold mine not yet plumbed, an uncharted sea.

Nothing is gone forever. If we came from dust and will return to dust then we can find our way into anything.

What we are capable of is not yet known, and I praise us now, in advance.

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