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Ending Well-How to help your children end this school year on a high note

This year as been one that we will never forget-masks, plexiglass, virtual school, e-learning, etc. Our children have proven that they are amazing and resilient, demonstrating that they were made to do hard things and can do them well.

So as we close our chrome books and and hang up our backpacks for the last time, let us help our children end this school year well. Here are some ways we can:

  1. Give your children moments to reflect: Ask them to think about the celebrations, as well as the challenges that they have had this year. Ask them to also reflect on how much they have learned and grown throughout the year.

  2. Make your priority now about making memories, not profiency: The time has come in this crazy year for us to not dwell on the gaps in learning or content that was missed.. Let us focus on the memories that can be made in these last few days of school.

  3. Love on your child's teacher: This year has been tough on teachers as well, so make sure that you do something special for your child's teacher to show them how much you appreciate them.

For more ideas for how to do these three things, read the article The Importance of Ending the School Year Well found on the Parent Cue blog.

I have also found it helpful, especially on the last day of school, to have a prayer that I either speak or we speak as a family to end our year, remembering when we have seen God, acknowledging what God has done, and thanking God for what has been given to us. May you find the words in this prayer helpful as you close your school year together.

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