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Greg's Weekly Word: "appreciation"

This past Sunday, Christine and I were presented with baskets filled with all kinds of goodies.

These gifts were organized and offered by our Personnel Committee, on behalf of the church, as a part of Pastor Appreciation month.

I realize that we could go back and forth endlessly exchanging gratitude -

"We appreciate you. Here are some gifts."

"Thank you for the gifts. I appreciate it."

"We appreciate your appreciation."

And on and on and on...

But I need to offer my gratitude. Because I have never been a part of (and rarely hear of) a church that shows their appreciation for their pastors the ways you do. And not just during a special month or on a special Sunday...

  • The notes and texts and emails of support and encouragement we receive regularly

  • A sabbatical policy and funds built into our annual budget to provide an opportunity for restoration and renewal every five years

  • Flexility to structure our days as needed, and to be a present parent and spouse

  • The ways you know and care for and love our children

And this list could go on and on and on. Because you are a people who are filled with grace, and my appreciation for you is abundant and abounding. And it is only getting better.

After all, to appreciate means "to value" or "to hold in high esteem" (or an expression of value or esteem). But can also mean to grow in value (as in, property or stocks that have appreciated have risen in value).

Day by day and week by week and year by year - and hopefully for many years to come - my appreciation for you grows. And as we step forward into the future, I trust that our faithfulness and God's grace will continue to appreciate, too.


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