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Greg's Weekly Word: "cicerone"

It's pronounced "see-sir-own-eh." It's an old term for a guide who conducts sightseers. (So, basically, a tour guide.) And also a great image for a minister...and for all Christians.

Can you picture me wearing that hat and holding the microphone while I point out landmarks? (Can you picture yourself?!) Can you see me walking backward as I preach a sermon?!

And yet isn't that what we are called to do, as faith leaders and people of faith? Who we are called to be? We walk with others through this tour of life. Sometimes it might even seem "backwards," as we live in counter-cultural ways - going against the grain of materialism and consumerism and individualism. And as we do, we point out landmarks, helping others (and each other) see how God is present and at work in our lives and in our world.

This is a work to which we are all called: to be faithful cicerones (or, I think, technically it's ciceroni). So how might you walk backward - against the flow of a culture of fear and violence and greed? How can you point out the landmarks of God's loving presence in our world? You don't need a hat or a mic, just a heart and and hands and a voice.


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