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Greg's Weekly Word: "comfortable"

Well...not really Greg's weekly word. At least not for these next few weeks.

We've already gotten to hear a couple of people's star words, and they are certainly worth sharing. So I want to highlight some of these in the coming month or two.

The following came from second-grader Cash McClain, who shared his word - comfortable - with us in worship this past Sunday. And this week, his word reflects his experience of sharing it.

Here's what he said...

Comfortable means you feel good.

I am comfortable when I lay on a couch with a pillow and a blanket.

I am also comfortable with Mommy.

God wants me to be comfortable. God loves me. He wants me to feel safe and cozy.

I feel comfortable at church because we learn about God and my friends and family are here.

I want people to be comfortable here so they can be safe just like me.


That was Cash's word. But that's not the whole story.

When Cash first stepped up to the microphone and looked out at the congregation, it was like a deer in the headlights. He froze, and it was clear he was scared.

Within a few seconds, Christine (our associate pastor) went to him. A few seconds later, his mom was at his side, too - coming up from the congregation. They talked him through it as the rest of us went ahead and sang a couple of verses from a hymn. Meanwhile, Cash worked through that fear and anxiety he was feeling. He told his mom he wanted to tell about his star word, and she offered to stand with him. "No," he said, "I want to do it by myself."

And he stood up and delivered the reflection on his star word that you see in the video above. But, let's be honest: he didn't really do it by himself.

Yes, he read it by himself (which was quite the brave accomplishment!). But there was also a sanctuary full of people who were right there with him. And what you won't see in the video is the solid 20 seconds of applause after he finished speaking. Or one of the deacons giving Cash a hug as he walked forward to offer the prayer. Or the numerous calls that afternoon to tell Cash how well he did and how proud people were of him.

Church, you showed exactly what Cash was saying. You made a child feel comfortable and safe enough to stand up and speak in worship, to be scared (and then comforted), to work through the fear and still offer his words, and to affirm him in those words.

Cash said,

I feel comfortable at church because we learn about God and my friends and family are here.

Thanks for being friends and family to Cash, and to so many - offering a place of comfort, safety, and grace.


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