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Greg's Weekly Word: "evangelism"

You hear the word and probably picture something like this:

Someone knocking on your door to tell you about their religion. Or a street preacher with a bullhorn, telling people they're going to hell. Or maybe just an awkward conversation with someone about why they need to believe what you believe.

My reaction when someone talks about "evangelism"

In any case, evangelism has developed some uncomfortable connotations because of the way it has been done. And yet, the word itself means "good news." So why have we made it so bad?

Partly because evangelism been done in insensitive, manipulative, sometimes abusive ways, which have come to define the practice. But evangelism is simply sharing good news, and specifically, the good news of God's love and grace revealed in Jesus. And ultimately, we share that good news not because other people need to hear, but because we are compelled to tell... because the story of God's love for all people and all of creation is worth sharing.

In a way, it's the same as telling other people about a great restaurant or movie or church (*wink*, hint hint...see below). You're not trying to force them or manipulate them to go there, threatening them if they don't or won't. You're just telling them how it impacted you or why you think it is good, that they might want to try it for themselves.

Yes, talking about faith can be uncomfortable. But perhaps if we approach evangelism less as a task to be completed or a person to be converted and more as a natural sharing of something good and meaningful in our lives, it will be less awkward. It will certainly be more authentic.

Now for the church part:

One of the easiest ways to evangelize and to support the church at the same time is to share the good news about what is happening at and through Augusta Heights! If you are reading this, then you likely have access to Facebook or Instagram or YouTube. (And if you don't follow the church's accounts on those platforms, you definitely should. Just click on each link.) When you see something on the church's page that excites you, or is meaningful to you, or you think might be meaningful to someone else, SHARE IT! Even better yet, share it with a comment on it. (i.e. "What a beautiful song!" "Great ministry opportunity." "I'll be there!")

This is one simple way you can share the good news of what God is doing in and through our church. And, maybe, it will open the door to tell someone about how you sense God's presence and activity in your life, too.


*Also, clearly I enjoy GIFs. Share your favorite ones and you may see them in future blog posts!

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