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Greg's Weekly Word: "persistent"

Well...not really Greg's weekly word. At least not for these next few weeks.

We've already gotten to hear a couple, and they are certainly worth sharing. So I want to highlight some of these in the coming month or two.

The following came from Jennifer Weaver, who shared her word - persistent - with us in worship this past Sunday.


When I received my star word, I have to admit I chuckled a little. My word is persistent.

Here’s the definition: "continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition." This can be very positive trait, but it can also be annoying. The example given on was "the salesman was very persistent."

My persistence shows most often in athletics. I train for and complete endurance events. My last big event was a triathlon. I remember getting to the run thinking, I could quit now. I’ve completed the swim and the bike. I don’t have to run 13 more miles. But I persisted and finished the race. My husband said he wasn’t surprised, based on what he affectionately calls "the mule factor"... Ok, "mule" isn’t actually the word he uses. But in athletics, what it means is training when I really don’t want to, continuing up a hill on my bike when I really want to walk, or getting in the pool on a cold morning when I’d rather sleep. For the most part persistence is discipline, and it is a good thing.

As I thought about the word, though, I began to wonder how to apply it in my spiritual life. And I realized that I haven’t always been persistent in this arena. To explain to you what the word means for me does requires me to be transparent with you this morning. So, here goes:

Another word one might use to describe me is "inquisitive." As a result, my biggest struggle spiritually is doubt. Over the past few years, I’ve been through some deconstruction and reconstruction of my faith. Thomas is the disciple who most resonates with me. Logical, thinking, overanalyzing perhaps.

"The Incredulity of Saint Thomas," Caravaggio

So what does persistence mean for the seeker? Here’s what I think: It means praying when I’m not sure anyone is listening. It means realizing that I won’t always find the answers to my questions. It means reading the Bible with a different lens and letting go of the need for certainty. It means realizing that there is an element of mystery to our faith and a beauty in that mystery. It means emulating the ways that Jesus loved others - even, and perhaps especially, the ones that are the hardest to love. And it means waking up tomorrow and doing it all again!


Thanks to Jennifer for sharing her word with us! What's yours?


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