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Greg's Weekly Word: "renew"

If you haven't already heard this word ad nauseam this week, you will in the weeks ahead.

This past Sunday, we launched our campaign to renew Augusta Heights - reimagining and renovating our facilities for our future.

Renewal is (ultimately) not starting over from scratch, but reinvigorating and reviving what is already there. And the work that we will be doing saves the original and oldest parts of the building, while bringing new life to our missions and ministries through those spaces.

If you haven't already, check out the launch compilation video (below) and campaign info packet.

Jesus speaks about being "born again," that we might experience God's abundant life he came to bring (John 3:. My prayer is for this to be a rebirth and renewal for Augusta Heights, that we would not only continue to experience the abundant life of Christian community, but that we would continue to offer that abundant life and love to the broader community.


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