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Greg's Weekly Word: "renovation"

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Some of you know that when my wife and I bought our home it was almost condemned. For six months, we lived with my in-laws while we did the necessary renovations.

Of course, a lot of the work was simply repairing what was broken. And there was plenty of demolition and rebuilding, too. But essentially, what we were doing was making this house a home once again.

*NOT a picture of our house

We usually think of renovations as a type of construction work - taking something old and fixing it up, making repairs, updating, etc. But the word renovate literally means "renew." When we renovate something, we are making it new again.

In this way, the call of Christ is to partner in God's work of renovation - renewing and restoring our world... bringing new life... joining with the God who makes all things new, as we move toward the renewal of all creation.

We do that together through the ministries and mission of the church. But we also need buildings that help us in that mission and those ministries. Which is why we are selling some of our property and buildings, right-sizing and renovating the remaining parts so that our facilities actually facilitate the work of bringing new life to the lives of others and renewing God's world.

I've included a short video update on the process, to let you know what's been happening "behind the scenes," and what is coming up. Enjoy!


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