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Greg's Weekly Word: "revamp"

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

We've revamped our weekly email! Snazzy, huh? And a lot of things are getting revamped these days. Our kids' educational experience. Our social lives. Our work and business operations. We're talking about revamping our church campus, too.

You probably know what "re-" means: to do something again or anew. But vamp? What is a vamp anyway? (Or, what does it mean to vamp? Is it a noun or a verb?!)

As you can see, a vamp is just the front upper part of a shoe or boot. So, revamp literally means "to fix up an old shoe." Not exactly exciting or fun, is it? And what if I like my old vamps, the way they were, and I don't want to replace them, no matter how worn they may be?

During this time when so much is getting revamped - when it can feel like everything is changing - maybe we can see how these changes can actually bring renewal, repair, and restoration. And maybe, revamping - changing, adapting, evolving - can actually help us to share the good news of God's grace...even in something as not-fun as a weekly email. ;)

"As it is written, 'How beautiful are the shoes of those who bring good news!'" - Romans 10:15 (GJD version)

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