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Online Worship after Christmas

What are you doing for Christmas break?

For the two Sundays after Christmas (December 27, 2020 and January 3, 2021) we will have online worship only (on YouTube and live on the church's Facebook page).

With families and friends getting together around Christmas and the continuing spread of COVID-19, we want people to stay home for a while before coming back to church. This allows time and space for people to get COVID tests and/or see if symptoms develop after holiday gatherings. That way, there is less of a risk of someone unknowingly exposing someone else to the virus, which they may have picked up from Aunt Valerie visiting from Savannah.

This means there will be no in-person worship for those two weeks (December 27th and January 3rd). We plan to return to in-person worship (and will continue to live-stream those services on Facebook) on January 10th.

Let's take a "Christmas break" before we get back together for worship after the holidays, and help keep everyone safe and healthy.

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