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Resuming In-Person Worship, 2.0

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

On Sunday, February 21st, we will resume our in-person worship services in the sanctuary! Yay!!!

We seem to be seeing a flattening of the rate of COVID cases in our area. We hope that as more people are vaccinated and we continue to be cautious, those numbers will begin to decline. Our deacons have decided to resume our in-person worship services, which will involve the following measures to keep everyone as safe as possible:

  • Stay home if you’re sick. Or think you might be sick. Or think you might have been exposed to someone who is sick. Basically, if you have any symptom or feel any hesitation whatsoever, stay home. You can still worship with us online, live on our Facebook page, or later on our YouTube channel.

  • Wear a mask. Anytime you are inside the building or within six feet of another person, put it on and leave it on. We have masks available if you forget yours or don’t have one. (But who are we kidding? Who doesn’t have a mask at this point?!)

  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. Handwashing is one of the best ways to combat the spread of COVID-19, along with masks (see above). Plus, “cleanliness is next to godliness.” And don’t you want to be more godly?

  • One per pew. One person, household, or family “pod” on each pew. (Yes, even the really long ones in the center.) This one’s hard, because I know how much you love each other and want to be close to each other. But being close to people who aren’t already in your “bubble” can expose and infect others.

  • Limit restroom use. Small spaces that lots of people use and touch various surfaces. Sounds like a recipe for infection. We know there’s only so much you can do about this, but as much as possible, try not to use the restrooms. If you must go, wear a mask (see above) and wash your hands (see above again). We will have someone to wipe down the restrooms after each use.

  • Keep moving. I know we will be excited to be back together and to see everyone. But when the service is over, go ahead and move outside, giving people at least six feet of space as you make your way out. The longer we linger indoors, chatting and visiting with one another, the greater the chance for exposure/infection.

Also, children are more than welcome, and we hope to be able to offer childcare for toddlers (about 18 months to 4 years old) on a limited basis beginning in March. Families will need to sign up ahead of time, and there will be protocols in place specifically for the children in childcare. As in the past, children 5 and older will stay with their families in the worship service, and we will ask parents/families to keep younger children (i.e. non-walkers) with them as well. More details on this to come!

Finally, if you are not yet ready to return to in-person worship services, we will continue to stream the service on the church’s Facebook page. (You can also access the service the following day on the church’s YouTube channel). If you would like help setting up a way to watch worship, we will be happy to offer whatever assistance we can. And we will certainly stay in touch, and are available to offer our care and support in whatever ways we can.

We look forward to being together again soon!

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